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    Really enjoyed the Live experience, love the menu system. Great job.

    LinDoz  Build Number 2018.09.25 worked in Live, but it refused to Install on HDD.

    Got some error that sounded like the problem with the VM, but I was not running in a VM.

    1. Q: How to install this build?
    2. Q: Can I install MakuluLinux Lindoz on one or two partitions, or perhaps in an extended partition? Want to dual boot with Windows 10.



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    I am actually busy updating the LinDoz ISO. this bug has recently been traced and fixed. a new LinDoz ISO will be up today which should solve your problem. Give us a few hours, i will reply here when its live.

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    The New updated ISO is now available for download : http://www.makululinux.com/wp/downloads/download-makulu-lindoz/

    This should fix your install issues.

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