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      Dimi Bertolami

      Hi everyone,

      I have a computer running Makulu Droid for my 7 year old son. He has an i7 processor laptop, and he can watch his youtube video’s no problem there.. he can even launch his minecraft tlauncher from a terminal using sudo wine so that he can play around with modpacks without having to install curseforge app etc.. Makulu renders minecraft actually really fast, performance wise Makulu beats windows 10 .. but also in simple things such as faster more stable download speed on makulu on same hardware..

      Here’s where I can ‘t seem to get it to work.

      Roblox.. (roblox.com) maybe you haven’t heard of it. You go to their website, create an account, choose a game, click the green play button and you’re then prompted with a robloxplayer.exe download. So from a terminal  I try to sudo wine this robloxplayer.exe but it’s not working.. from what I can find online the problem would be the version of wine. I can dig up the version numbers but to ask my question is this something that can be fixed? Can I resolve this myself? any help would be appreciated 🙂


      Dim & Milan

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      Have you tried installing a different version of Wine ?

      Firstly open the synaptic package manager , either from the menu or from terminal : sudo synaptic

      then do a search for Wine and see which builds are available to install, you can also add the wine PPA to add newer builds into the repo, maybe check out this guide here :



      If i am not mistaken the latest build of Wine is version 6.2.2. the guide is for 6.0 but its the same concept, after you add the PPA just look in synaptic for 6.22 and install it.

      If you are still having issues i would suggest you try using Playonlinux or Crossover office, both these Linux applications provide Wine scripts for compatibility with windows apps.

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        Dimi Bertolami

        thanks for thinking along with  me on this one, much appreciated 🙂

        I’ll try it out as soon as I can



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