MakuluLinux LinDoz is built on our new hybrid 2020/21 Base ( which fully supports the new Focal Repositories and the move to Python 3.) and Designed on a heavily modified Cinnamon 4.8.2 Framework. Designed to make the user transition from Windows to Linux Easier and more comfortable while still retaining its Linux roots has been quite a challenge, and one we focused heavily on 2 Fronts ( Keep a familiar “Windows like” look, but push the Linux experience ). With all New Gui’s and Features to make the User experience easier, using the new LinDoz is a breeze and feels very comfortable.

LinDoz has started to shift and move away from simply being a Windows Clone, We wanted to give it an identity of its own while still retaining that ”almost windows like” look. Its been a challenge to achieve this, however I Think we are on the right path to reach that goal. The new LinDoz now sports 12 themes, These can easily be switched on the fly Thanx to our new Theme selector we designed. It can not only change the GTK Theme, but also transforms the whole desktop with cursors, window borders and such to fit the selected Theme.

Stand out features of the new LinDoz 2021:

  • Introduction video that guides the user around the desktop to give an easy and comfortable user experience.
  • More streamlined Theming, Lindoz now Offers 12 Theme variants : The themes have been designed with great fineness to give a much more beautifully designed look, while making the Desktop Environment feel comfortable for Both ex Windows users and Linux users.
  • An all new Desktop Clock with some nice features that is easily controlled by a custom GUI we designed to make for a pleasant experience.
  • “Out of the box Ready” – There is a TON of software available in the software center for all your needs, office work, gaming, streaming, entertainment, whatever your needs, we provide plenty applications to cater for anything you need.
  • Makulu Portal quickly and easily guides users to seek assistance or connect to staff or other end users without much effort.
  • Makulu Constructor Tool, an easy to user GUI based Distro builder that can be used to remaster an existing MakuluLinux Distro. Simply make the changes to the Distro as you see fit and run constructor, which will turn your existing distro into an installable ISO.
  • Subtle changes around the OS designed to make the user experience more pleasant and comfortable, Things like the Comfortable main menu, Workspace switcher in the bottom panel or the overlay menu in the top left corner comes to mind.
  • Built on the latest Cinnamon 4.8.x framework, Lindoz also comes with all the nice features that the cinnamon framework offers.
  • Warpinator for computer sharing is supported out of the box, its never been easier to connect to another computer.
  • An introduction Manager that runs on first boot will quickly assist you to setup your desktop with ease.
  • FlatHub and Snaps supported out of the box.

Lindoz will appeal to anyone coming over from Windows to Linux while still feeling comfortable to use for any regular Linux user.

  • Developer : MakuluLinux
  • Edition : 2021
  • Code Name : LinDoz
  • Build Number 2021.03.05
  • Base : MakuluLinux-2021-U Base
  • Life Cycle : 4 Years, 2021 – 2025
  • Main Repository : MakuluLinux
  • Secondary Repository : Ubuntu Focal
  • Desktop Environment : Cinnamon
  • Kernel : 5.8.xx
  • Architecture : 64Bit with 32Bit support ( 64Bit CPU is required )
  • Required Disk Space : at least 10GB ( 20Gb or more recommended )
  • Required Ram : at least 2GB ( 4GB+ recommended )
  • Live username / password : makulu / makulu
  • First Release Date : February 2021
  • Download size :2.xx GB

As I am sure you guys are aware, I am based in Vietnam which has been BADLY affected by the Corona-virus by shutdowns, Internet problems, Shortages and long Lock-Downs, we are working hard to stay on target with our releases. We also pray for everyone infected, that they make a full recovery and that they find a treatment for this Virus soon, It is terrible what the world is currently going through. However, the project has also been affected by this epidemic, Finances have not been great this last year for the project, and Donations are virtually non existent. We ask that if you can donate, please do so, we would really appreciate it. You have no idea how badly it is needed and every cent helps, a few $$ can go a long way…

Please Take a Minute to Donate to the Project via paypal before you Download ( links open in new page  )

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SHA1 : acb22dca2a539bb140d8f6cd82a57df5f32cab5b

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