MakuluLinux Max/Shift/GameR Pro Upgrade :

Upgrade to Pro build Enables a Lot of nice features including :

  • An Additional 8 Desktop Layouts to give a total of 16 Layouts.
  • Additional Wallpapers, Icons, Shades and Themes that come with the new Layouts. 
  • The Ability to customize and save your Layout Changes.
  • Some great Special Effects that gives you Wobbly, Bouncy, Min/ Max & other Special effects.
  • Touch Gesture feature, control your Computer use the Gesture system.
  • Rebuild your operating system back into an ISO, Re-spin your own distros using Makulu Constructor.
  • Additional GUI interface’s that are designed to make navigating your system smooth and seamless.
  • Access to Future Layouts and Wallpapers. ( We will add additional layouts in due time complete with new icons and wallpapers and themes )
  • You also get FULL Access to GameR Pro ISO to download, This ISO unlocks all the pro features in GameR.

Upgrade to Pro build Also now gives you Access to Makulu Max Pro

  • Unlock the AI voice system
  • Unlock AI Widget
  • Unlock the AI Terminal Pro Features.
  • Unlock additional Voice controller commands
  • Receive all future Commands on the voice system for free as we expand on the voice system
  • Updates to the Integrated AI systems like Auto-Gpt as stable branches become available.
  • Updates to the Virtual Cam software as we expand on that system.
  • Additional Wallpapers, Icons, Shades and Themes as they become available. 
  • The Ability to customize and save your Layout Changes.
  • Rebuild your operating system back into an ISO, Re-spin your own distros using Makulu Constructor.
  • Future Features as they become available, this includes new AI applications and features we develop.

Upgrade to Pro Also Unlocks :

  • Free Image generation on Pro Discord Channel. Users can generate UNLIMITED amount of images on our Pro Image generation channel for 6 months. Simply pop into our Generation channel and ask staff to convert your account to Pro. This channel provides 8 image per prompt of the Highest Quality. You can use the images as you wish, there is no copyright.

Being a Free Project with many overhead costs, We have learnt to make a lot work with very little and we have become masters at optimizing’s and not wasting. We use any money we make from upgrades to pro to pay for overhead running costs. We take pride in what we do and we do it very well. We hope you have a very good experience using MakuluLinux Pro builds. Any issues you have at all, feel free to contact us.

Instructions :

  • Hit the Purchase button Below, the pro upgrade costs $33 and you will be guided through a PayPal payment system that is easy to navigate.
  • After successful purchase, It will open a page with a generated download link, Download either the Pro ISO file or the Pro-Deb file, The ISO is a Full Pro install, The deb file can convert the free build to a Pro build, simply install it and reboot your computer after install.
  • You can then expand the desktop to 16 Layouts as well as access the rest of the new unlocked features.
  • The whole process is straight forward and easy, If you have any difficulty with the process at all, please feel free to Email us at : or simply pop into our live chatroom and seek assistance there.
  • The money we collect from the upgrade purchases will be used to pay for our running costs as well as investments to bring new features to future builds of the project. We thank you for your support and we hope you have a pleasant experience using MakuluLinux.