Handy Commands for Ubuntu & Debian

This is a Chain of Commands i use for getting my Makulu 14 up to spec ready to go with all my tools!

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -f && sudo apt dist-upgrade -y && sudo apt install mdadm -y && sudo mdadm –assemble –scan && sudo apt install kodi -y && sudo apt install psensor -y && sudo apt install hardinfo -y && sudo apt install mintstick -y && sudo apt install xscreensaver -y

I Will Explain what they do Hear in a List pick and choose what you want or need to do!

sudo apt update —— Will update the List of Sources for you to Upgrade or Install from!

sudo apt upgrade -f —— Will Upgrade and Fix your Installs!

sudo apt dist-upgrade -y —— Will Upgrade your Distribution Files!

sudo apt install mdadm -y —— will install the MDADM tool for assembling and Loading Software Raided drives in multiple modes!

sudo mdadm –assemble –scan —— Will assemble all Software Raided drives on your PC it finds and tell you what they are!

sudo apt install kodi -y —— Will install Kodi a Media Center add on for Linux Stream and Upload Many Handy Tools!

sudo apt install psensor -y —— Will install Psensor a tool for monitoring All your Hardware temps and Performance!

sudo apt install hardinfo -y —— Will install a Benchmarking and System information Tool!

sudo apt install mintstick -y —— Will install a Flash drive ISO loading tool from Mint!

sudo apt install xscreensaver -y —— Will install XSceensaver for Protecting Exspensive or not Screens from Burning a Image into it!

This is a Free FOSS Linux Command PDF with over 500+ pages of Commands! https://mega.nz/#!2RtGlZTQ!7XXiQEfJLpZdbBg2IhqV59shQWmcDGYjve75ac4GyaA

200+ Linux Commands