I am constantly starting new projects and also reviving old projects, I have a few that I keep on the back-burner. They get put there for any number of reasons, Design problems, Stability issues, 3rd party developers, abandoned code Issues etc etc … One such project we actually previously released is MakuluLinux Shift. Shift was meant to be a Distro that utilized the plugin system of Gnome to be a flexible, transformable OS, It is meant to sport some Bold black and bright colors. At the time of initial release Gnome was going through some major development changes and every second week they would release updates that would break half the extensions and shell themes along with random other items, hence we used Cinnamon as a framework for the previous release instead of gnome. However it did not have the Effect I envisioned. Recently with the new Gnome changes I pulled Shift from the back-burner. Gnome is much more stable now, Extensions are now included in the repositories and updated more frequently, Since the old Shift days we have also developed our own icon-sets and themes collection, Plenty custom gui’s that would fit nicely into a Gnome Based Distro. The timing seems right for a Shift type of Distro… Hence here we Are …

MakuluLinux Shift – a Beautiful, Flexible, Transformable Operating System that Utilises the Plugin Power of a Gnome Framework and supports both Ubuntu and Debian. Sporting Beautiful and Bright Colors that Enhances the appearance, variety of Theme selections and coupled with some nice transparency in all the right places, Shift doesn’t disappoint in Esthetics. Transform your whole desktop with the click of a button, Change between 6 custom layouts including switching from a Panel based Desktop to a “Unity” like Dock with a Single click, MakuluLinux Shift is truly a very flexible Operating system. Dozens of beautiful Custom Gui’s that give you more control over your OS in all the right places to make a difference, This makes MakuluLinux Shift feel comfortable and makes for a very smooth user experience. We design all our Operating systems off a custom built Hybrid base, and this base is designed to be stable and snappy. MakuluLinux shift is no different, you will instantly notice how quick and seamless the user experience is, The Plugin system makes Shift feel almost like a popping OS, with everything popping in or out of focus as you click your way around the desktop. Just moving around the desktop is like Belgium Chocolate melting in your mouth…

  • Some Stand out Features :
  • 5 Different Menu styles and 2 Desktop Styles.
  • 1 Click Switch from Traditional Desktop to Full Dock Desktop mode.
  • 23 Theme Variations.
  • Fullscreen Gesture System, Fully supporting touch screen computers.
  • Offering Both Ubuntu and Debian Variants of the Operating system.
  • Offering Both Lite and Full Builds ( Lite being nearly barebone and Full being populated with software ).
  • Many unique custom built Gui’s throughout the os to improve user experience.
  • Some Unique Tools included to make for a very ubique user experience.
  • Extension Based Panel, Dock, Menu and various other items makes Shift a very popping Enviroment.
  • Information :
  • Code Name : Shift
  • Build Number 2020.08.16
  • Base : MakuluLinux-U Hybrid Base / MakuluLinux-D Hybrid Base
  • Falvors : 2 Lite builds ( One Ubuntu Base, One Debian Base ) and 1 Full Build ( Ubuntu Base ).
  • Life Cycle : 2025 / Semi Rolling
  • Main Repository : MakuluLinux
  • Secondary Repository : Ubuntu Focal / Debian Testing
  • Desktop Environment : Gnome Framework / Elements of Cinnamon, Core, Flash & LinDoz
  • Kernel : 5.4.xx / 5.7.xx
  • Architecture : 64Bit with 32Bit support ( 64Bit CPU is required )
  • Required Disk Space : 10Gb+ minimum for Lite Builds/ 15GB+ for Full build. ( 20Gb or more recommended )
  • Required Ram : at least 2GB ( 4GB+ recommended )
  • Live username / password : makulu / makulu
  • Release Date : August 2020
  • Download size :1.5xxGB / 2.xx GB

Difference between Lite and Full Builds ?
Both Lite and Full builds have full driver support out of the box as well as all backend tools pre setup, Both also have flathub and snapd pre installed. Lite build is nearly barebone, with only minimal essential software installed, allowing the User to install all his own software selection. The Full build comes already with all typical daily software pre installed. The pre installed software on the full build is typical software we normally install on all our previous releases.

Difference between Debian and Ubuntu ?
Front end there is no difference, Backend they are built on 2 completely different bases. Some people prefer Debian, Some Ubuntu, now you can use whichever is your preference.

  • Important Things to know :
  • If you are going to use Shift in VirtualBox, We would recommend you use the OVA file from downloads below, it is easy to simply just import into VB, the OVA File has been fully optimised for virtualbox ( while the other ISO files have not ). Please make sure to set the GPU on the virtual Machine to VBoxSVGA, and NOT VMSVGA, The new build of VirtualBox now supports a wider range of GPU drivers and defaults to VMSVGA, please make sure to set the correct Driver ( VBoxSVGA ).
  • Please be AWARE, Gestures do not work in virtualbox due to lack of required input driver, however Gestures do work in Vmware.
  • Panel Layout only works when Panel is set to default bottom mode, if you move the panel to the top Panel layout does not work.

Final Words :
As I am sure you guys are aware, I am based in Vietnam which has been BADLY affected by the Corona-Virus by shutdowns, Internet problems, Shortages and as we speak, Vietnam is experiencing a second wave that has put us back into Lock-Down, for how long i have no idea. This whole year I have only recieved 2 salaries and had to dip deep into my savings just to get through, it has not been an easy year at all, and I know the same applies to millions around the world. I have tried to stay positive and used this time to focus all my efforts into MakuluLinux and as such I hope this release reflects my dedication to this project. We also pray for everyone infected, that they make a full recovery and that they find a treatment for this Virus soon, It is terrible what the world is currently going through, but at the same time its also so great to see so many people unite in such difficult times, families coming together and people and countries going out of their way to help others, it really shows the best sides of Humannity in such dark times. However, this does not change the fact that Finances have not been great for the project this year, and Donations are virtually non existent. We ask that if you can donate, please do so, we would really appreciate it. You have no idea how badly it is needed and every cent helps, a few $$ can go a long way…

Please Take a Minute to Donate to the Project via paypal before you Download ( links open in new page  )


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Here you can watch a quick Overview Video of MakuluLinux shift ( Recommended ) :

We do not host Torrents, this is a free project and our budget is limited and we dont make enough to afford that kind of bandwitdh, however if you are willing to torrent files for us we would be glad to add it to our mirror list. However We do host our ISO files with Sourceforge, Google, Mega and Pcloud to try and offer variety of hosts. Please select your Prefered ISO from any of the links below :

Shift Ubuntu Full – Estimated Download Size 2.7xxGB :

SourceForge Mirror :

Google Mirror :

Mega Mirror :

Pcloud Mirror :

MD5 : 1eed6dcb24d4dcf21d79579d2ba14c73
SHA1 : c71251c1a008a48314082dbd5dc5ed1fc59d6791

Shift Ubuntu Lite – Estimated Download Size 1.8xxGB :

SourceForge Mirror :

Google Mirror :

Mega Mirror :

Pcloud Mirror :

MD5 : e56ae97ebd24510c6eb5df37e2a7c871
SHA1 : 75bbffdf2eff923819e18825cbf642eac6847b45

Shift Debian Lite – Estimated Download Size 1.5xxGB :

SourceForge Mirror :

Google Mirror :

Mega Mirror :

Pcloud Mirror :

MD5 : 2ac7d000c13adc4a5471b6b43cfa7389
SHA1 : 45a5319f1e718355665d159b4aa09a86b2b4217d

Virtualbox OVA file can be imported straight into VirtualBox – Estimated Download Size 3.2xxGB :

SourceForge Mirror :

Google Mirror :

Mega Mirror :

Pcloud Mirror :

MD5 : 5d4e642315efbf0f24d3538ba925d7ea
SHA1 : cff625aeda8429ba6f995d1b1aab38592305c855