MakuluLinux Shift – A Multi Desktop Distro that Fully transforms you between Different Layouts. 

Shift is an Extremely complex Distro to build, nothing like it exists anywhere. We are aware that some other Distros can change the layout of the desktop in some form or other, however, those are merely simple overlay theme changes or moving of a panel or dock. Shift takes it to another level, We don’t just switch to a different layout, we COMPLETELY remove the old one, the Wallpapers, Themes, Icon-sets, Cursors, Extensions, Effects, Panels, Docks, etc are completely uninstalled, and then the new sets of Wallpapers, Themes, Icon-sets, Extensions, Cursors Effects, Panels, Docks etc etc is then installed, once the removal and install process is completed, only then do we start to transform the Desktop Style to look like another desktop, including Placements of Menus, docks, panels, icons, theming, color grading, setting up extensions and effects etc etc. The whole process can take between 10 and 30 seconds depending on hardware, and ALL of this is done OFFLINE, no scripts or packages are downloaded… It is truly impressive that it is done so smoothly that the end user simply thinks a theme overlay change has been implemented, they are completely unaware of all the complex scripts that had just been activated on their system.  

Not only do we completely transform the system, but we give the end user the ability to save his own desktop layout style, complete with his chosen icons, wallpaper, gtk theme, shell theme, panel/dock settings, all extensions, favorites etc etc. He can with 1 click save the layout and again with one click restore the layout he saved. No scripts to run, no manual to read, no skills needed other than to click a button.  This in Essence is what Shift is, a Transformable Linux Distro that lets the user mimic a different look with the click of a button without losing his profile information, preinstalled applications or their preferences. 

Shift now comes in 2 Variants, a Normal Free build and a Pro Build. Once you select your preferred Desktop layout, you will find that Shift is an extremely Well Designed and Stable Distro, Offering you many features. From the Touch Gesture System that allows you to run Shift on Virtually any touch device, to running Windows Applications out of the Box to Access a Huge software selection in the Software center with SnapD and Flathub support. It really is a distro that is designed for everybody, be it for Work, Entertainment, Touch, developing or whatever your needs are, Shift is designed to make life easy and comfortable.   

Now with added A.I Features :

We have added A.I features to MakuluLinux Shift, users can now interact with Electra, Bing and ChatGpt in MakuluLinux Shift, furthermore, the Pro build of Shift now sports Native Clients for both Bing and Chatgpt. Interacting with A.I has never been easier, and there is no cost to the user, we foot the bill, its all free to you, no registration, no sign up, no billing, no logging in. simply use for free.

Difference between Normal and Pro Build : 

The Normal build ( Free Build ) is a fully functional build which comes with the standard 8 Desktop layouts, it is fully functional and can operate just fine as a daily driver in both home or business environment. However we have moved some luxury features over to the pro build. The donation based revenue model we have used for many years now is not working very well for us, in almost 7 months we have raised little over 900 dollars… Clearly we need to take a more drastic approach if we are to try and build a cashflow, this is where we decided to move over to a more incentive revenue based model, We now offer a “Pro” build for a small fee that unlocks all the nice luxury features that users may enjoy. Here is a list of features that upgrading to the Pro build unlocks :

Normal Build :

  • 8 Desktop Layouts
  • Wallpapers, Icons, Shades and Themes that come with the 8 Layouts. 
  • Can not save changes to Layouts, the 8 layouts are locked.
  • No special effects in the normal build.
  • Touch Gesture feature is no longer available in the free build.
  • Makulu Constructor is no longer available in the free build.

Pro Build :

  • An Additional 8 Desktop Layouts to give a total of 16 Layouts.
  • Additional Wallpapers, Icons, Shades and Themes that come with the new Layouts. 
  • The Ability to customize and save your Layout Changes.
  • Some great Special Effects that gives you Wobbly, Bouncy, Min/ Max & other Special effects.
  • Touch Gesture feature, control your Computer use the Gesture system.
  • Rebuild your operating system back into an ISO, Re-spin your own distros using Makulu Constructor.
  • Additional GUI interface’s that are designed to make navigating your system smooth and seamless.
  • Access to Future Layouts and Wallpapers changes. ( We have some additional content planned in the near future )

Additional features in Shift :

The Software Center in Makulu Shift fully supports both Flathub and Snaps, Users can install from a selection of Thousands & Thousands of great software and games with a few easy clicks.

Shift sports a Huge selection of preinstalled drivers, from GPU’s to USB devices to Printers… Most, if not all your plug and play devices should work out of the box on Shift without much fuss.

Various Extensions have been included, some used by various layouts and a few additional that users may want to enable, Because shift is designed on the gnome framework, it support the use of gnome extensions, either make use of the current extensions or install your own, there is a huge selection available at the gnome extension web hub.

Makulu shift Also support Special Effects that give it an almost “Compiz” like feel, you can turn Special effect on/off via the Theme manager, these will enable wobbly windows and magic Lamp like effects in Shift.

Wine is preinstalled on Shift, along with Playonlinux. You can now run Windows applications out of the box, easily and without any fuss. We felt this was a necessary item to include in the distro because Wine can be tricky and messy to install and configure, so why not just we do it for you.

Shift is Game ready, it now fully supports Steam + Proton and both can easily be install via the software center with a few clicks, we have made sure there is full driver support and dependency support to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Some on our testing team are big gamers and so there was a big focus to make Makulu Shift Game ready. there are some easy video tutorials on the desktop that can guide you to setup steam and proton if you are new and not sure how to do it.

Shift is Multimedia Ready, We have ensured that all codecs and drivers are pre installed to give you a great multimedia experience, not only that but we also offers some nice streaming software that you can install directly from the Makulu repository, Hypnotix and Popcorn-Time are both available and Both optimized for the Makulu Shift and both easy to install and use.

We have spent a lot of time this year updating all our Scripts, Gui’s, Themes, Packages, Boot splash screen, Desktop layouts, Icon-sets, Wallpapers, Special Effects, Intro Video, Repository features, Fixing all the bugs that were reported and also making Makulu Shift Future proof.

Makulu Constructor Tool is also included, This tool is simply AMAZING, it lets you turn your current OS back into a ISO to be installed on another Computer, preserving your desktop look and feel exactly as it was when you constructed the ISO. The constructor tool is now Fully automated, no more dozens of options that confuse users, now its a one click option. Click and the Constructor will do the rest, sit back and wait for your iso to pop out, it is completely Fully automated. There is also a nice video tutorial included.  

Some Stand out Features :

  • Code Name : Shift 2023
  • Base : MakuluLinux-U Hybrid Base ( Ubuntu Base )
  • Life Cycle : 2027 ( Ubuntu )
  • Main Repository : MakuluLinux
  • Secondary Repository : Ubuntu
  • Desktop Environment : Gnome Framework.
  • Kernel : 6.2xx ( upgradeable )
  • Architecture : 64Bit with 32Bit support ( 64Bit CPU is required )
  • 16 Unique Desktop Styles.
  • 1 Click Automated Switch between Layouts.
  • 397 Wallpapers.
  • 92 Icon sets
  • 20 cursors
  • 14 GTK Themes
  • 41 Extensions
  • Huge Driver Support
  • Some Software Pre-installed and Pre-configured out of the box, namely Wine, Playonlinux.
  • Required Disk Space : 15Gb+ minimum / 20GB+ more recommended
  • Required Ram : at least 2GB ( 4GB+ recommended )
  • Live username / password : makulu / makulu
  • Release Date : November 2023
  • Download size :4.xxGB

Please be aware these are Development Builds, Stable enough to use as a Daily Driver, But still Development Builds.

  • Important Things to know :
  • The layout Manager, Desktop Clock, Themes & 3D options can be accessed on the desktop, simply right click on the desktop and select themes from the context menu.
  • The menu’s can be resized quite easily, if you are using a 4K display on a smaller device, menu’s can be resized by simply right clicking on menu, open options and find the size settings, you can drag the sliders to increase the width and height, the rest of the menu will scale as you set the size.
  • When booting up in Live mode only, it may take a few moments to go past the login screen depending on your hardware, this is due to some information that is displayed before login that delays boot a few moments, just be patient and let it boot. It only delays in Live mode Boot, Once installed there is no boot delay.
  • The Intro Video shows you VITAL information about Shift, where to find features in menu’s, how to change layouts and so forth, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do NOT skip the intro video during Live Boot.

Final Words :
I have started a Cashflow Campaign, For the last 2.5 years during this Covid period we have had virtually no cashflow, We have a few Patreon members keeping the project afloat and most months I still have to fork out some money from my own pocket. During this time we managed to Deliver you MakuluLinux Shift, one of the most complex to build and most beautiful operating systems in existence, We did this without any money, Imagine what we could achieve if we actually had money ? If we could buy access to better hardware, better tools, more hands to help, spend more time achieving goals, Imagine the next OS we would produce or how much better shift would become ? I Will be showing this Big campaign advert everywhere on the website to make people aware that we are now serious, from this point onwards for us to achieve the next level we need money, there is no getting around it. So if you are in a fortunate position where you can support the project with a donation below , we ask you to please help us get to our goal so we can start rolling that ball and keep delivering you top quality distro’s.

Or You can also become a Patreon below :

Here you can watch a quick Overview Video of MakuluLinux shift ( Recommended ) :

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